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Modem vs. Modem event 1: 4G LTE Download Relay

Think all modems are the same? Think again.

Modems are the chips that connect your smartphone to cellular networks. They let you browse the Web, stream videos and music, make calls, and more.

Qualcomm Snapdragon modems are designed to maximize performance, so you can get the fastest Internet speeds to power all your connected apps.

But not all modems are built like Snapdragon modems. Picking a smartphone with an inferior modem can have… consequences. And today we’re introducing a series of videos called “Modem vs. Modem” to illustrate.

The rules are simple: there are two teams, Team Snapdragon in red (naturally), versus Team Blue. Each team has a human athlete and a “modem athlete.” The modem athlete’s performance will directly impact its human teammate’s performance.

The Snapdragon modem outperformed Team Blue’s modem a whopping 85 percent of the time, with LTE Advanced download speeds up to 31 percent faster than Team Blue’s modem.

Episode 1 is the LTE download speed challenge—basically a relay race where the modem athletes race in the first leg, followed by the human athletes. You’ll see how fast a smartphone can download files when it has a Snapdragon modem. You’ll also see what happens when a smartphone has an inferior modem. Spoiler alert: It really hurts.

The LTE modem performances depicted in this video are based on actual Qualcomm Technologies lab tests. We tested LTE Advanced download speeds on a device with a Snapdragon modem, and a device with Team Blue’s modem. The controlled lab environment simulated a variety of conditions, including outdoors while standing, walking through a dense urban core, and even riding as a passenger in a car on a highway. We also performed these tests under a wide range of signal conditions—from very strong to very weak. That’s a lot of testing combinations.

The results were striking—the Snapdragon modem outperformed Team Blue’s modem a whopping 85 percent of the time, with LTE Advanced download speeds up to 31 percent faster than Team Blue’s modem. 12.5 percent of tests resulted in a tie. And in only one test—yup, one test—the Snapdragon modem was outperformed by Team Blue’s modem by a measly 2 percent margin.

For superior Internet speeds over 4G LTE, make sure your next smartphone has a Snapdragon modem. Check back soon for Modem vs. Modem, episode 2—anyone up for a high-stakes game of chess?

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