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DragonBoard 410c Maker Month Contest: The tools you need

Have you started working on your entry for the DragonBoard 410c Maker Month Contest yet? Throughout March, we’re giving away one DragonBoard 410c per day to qualified makers who submit the best ideas for what they would create with the board. See here for complete contest rules.

I posted last time about the DragonBoard 410c Contest and why we’re sponsoring it. Now I want to cover the accessories and supported software that will help you come up with great ideas.

DragonBoard 410c Resources From All Over
The possibilities with DragonBoard 410c have been expanding quickly with a variety of supported software and hardware resources.

The Software:

AT&T M2X provides time-series data storage, device management, message brokering, event triggering, alarming, geo-fencing, and data visualization for network supported industrial Internet of Things (IOT) products and services. You can find instructions from Arrow Electronics for getting started with AT&T M2X on GitHub, and to inspire you check out what the grand prize winners of the 2016 AT&T Hackathon created.

AWS Internet of Things
Arrow Electronics is now offering the DragonBoard 410c IoT Starter Kit powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This kits helps kick start development with AWS IoT, a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud apps and other devices. The SDK in the kit includes sample apps that use AWS services, such as a node application running on the DragonBoard 410c to send process, disk and network information to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3).

IBM Watson IoT Platform
Are you ready to build some cognitive computing into your project? Mike Roberts posted recently on connecting the DragonBoard 410c to the IBM Watson IoT Platform in Bluemix, IBM’s cloud-based catalog of services. This will allow you to develop an IoT application that uses IBM Watson to act on data you collect and send from the DragonBoard 410c.

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite
What Windows 10 IoT does at the device level, the Azure IoT Suite does at the cloud level, making it easier for you to deploy and scale up applications like remote monitoring, predictive analytics, asset management and preventive maintenance. Since the DragonBoard 410c is Azure Certified, you can tie, say, a remote monitoring project to Azure IoT services. Watch this video about health care IoT and sending temperature data from the DragonBoard 410c to Azure.

Operating Systems - Android, Linux, Windows
You can develop for Android, Linux or Windows 10 IoT Core on the DragonBoard 410c, as I mentioned recently. The documentation and support available for all three OSes give you plenty of options right away.

The Hardware:

96Boards is an open specification for low-cost, small-footprint boards from ARM SoC vendors worldwide. 96Boards.org includes ample documentation and application notes on DragonBoard 410c software applications, hardware integration, porting, programming and debugging, as well as forum support and eventually project ideas. The DragonBoard 410c is compatible with the 96Boards spec (Consumer Edition), which opens up opportunities for you to extend its functions through adapters, mezzanine boards and accessories such as these:

Linker Mezzanine Card Starter Kit for 96Boards
The Linker mezzanine card has eight connectors supporting Analog, UART, I2C and GPIO, and two channels of analog input using the MCP3004 ADC chip. It can be plugged onto the DragonBoard 410c and used to connect the loft sensors and actuators in the kit.

Grove Starter Kit for 96Boards
The 96Boards Sensors Mezzanine adapter from Seeed Studio makes it simple and easy to connect sensors and devices to the DragonBoard 410c. The kit comes with a selection of Grove modules and sample projects to help you start experimenting and prototyping.

96Boards UART Adapter Board
This adapter is a USB to UART interface that makes it easy to connect your PC to the serial console on the DragonBoard 410c low-speed expansion connector, without worrying about pinout or level shifting for 1.8V IO. It also provides remote control of the power button and reset signals so that the base board can be completely controlled over a single USB cable.

Next Steps

Those products, kits and accessories should give you enough to get started on your Maker Month ideas. For good measure, have a look at a few DragonBoard 410c videos to see what other makers and creators are inventing on the platform.

Let us know what else you need to get the most out of Maker Month.

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