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Qualcomm technology you can expect to see at MWC 2016

Feb 19, 2016

Qualcomm products mentioned within this post are offered by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

There are a lot of rumors flying around about what to expect at Mobile World Congress 2016, but you won’t hear any rumors from us. Here’s a just-the-facts guide to what Qualcomm is bringing to MWC 2016:

Qualcomm Automotive

We’ve had some recent announcements regarding the Qualcomm Halo Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Technology. Now it’s time for this tech to hit the road. Of course, with over a decade of close collaboration with the automotive industry, our interest in automotive technology goes way beyond just wireless—from advanced automotive telematics to an in-car platform for all types of vehicle communications. We won't spoil any surprises here, but be sure to check out our automotive keynote at the 2016 MWC to learn more about how our innovations are now poised to revolutionize automotive.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors and Modems

If you follow smartphone news, then you’ve probably heard all about how the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor is primed to deliver groundbreaking mobile experiences like on-device support for virtual reality, next-generation visual processing and computer vision applications, and finally making sense of your data with sensor fusion and the Qualcomm Hexagon DSP (digital signal processor).

The Snapdragon 820 processor features an integrated X12 LTE modem for unprecedented Wi-Fi and LTE. So, yes, your next smartphone is going to be a speedster, but just imagine what it will be like when the Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 LTE modem opens the door to Gigabit Class LTE with Category 16 download speeds of up to 1 Gbps—that’s one billion bits of digital information per second. We’re a little biased, sure, but that’s nothing short of astounding.

Another great example of how far mobile technology has come in just under a decade is the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, the first Snapdragon processor designed exclusively for wearable technology. Even though this SoC is 30 percent smaller than our previous-generation wearable processors, the Snapdragon 2100 boasts technical specs that rival a premium smartphone from just 5 years ago. And then there are the latest (regular-size) Snapdragon processors.

The Snapdragon 625, Snapdragon 435, and Snapdragon 425 processors are bringing high-end features to mid-range smartphones. All of these processors include support for LTE with carrier aggregation, Qualcomm VIVE 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO, and Qualcomm RF360 front-end solutions.

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

We can all agree that batteries are due for revolution. No doubt there are a lot of smart people putting some hard work into easing battery anxiety for good. In the meantime, there’s no need to let a recharge tie you down. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 can charge your Snapdragon-powered devices from zero to 80 percent in just 35 minutes. And it’s 38 percent more efficient than Quick Charge 2.0. There are already more than 70 devices and 200 accessories that support Qualcomm Quick Charge technology [PDF]. Is yours one of them?

Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight

Drones are quite the hot topic these days, but aspiring pilots may find themselves having to choose between performance and price. We thought that was a real shame, so we came up with the Snapdragon Flight, an integrated development board based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. The Snapdragon Flight is an integrated processor like our mobile SoC’s but optimized for creating the coolest drones around without all the added weight of multiple components (and cost!). A few Snapdragon-powered drones are already available, but keep your eyes to the sky and you’re bound to see more.

DragonBoard 410c

Now that Amazon has brought the Internet of Things to the main stage with the Super Bowl debut of the Echo (which packs a Qualcomm Atheros Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip), there’s never been a better time for makers and IoT developers to… well, to make and develop! There are a lot of brilliant experiences waiting to be crafted and the DragonBoard 410c is a great place to start. 

Hungry for more tech news? Find out all about Qualcomm at MWC 2016, and follow @Qualcomm for MWC updates and more.


Qualcomm Snapdragon, Qualcomm Hexagon, Qualcomm RF360, Qualcomm Quick Charge, and Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Qualcomm VIVE is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Qualcomm Halo WEVC technology is licensed by Qualcomm Incorporated.


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