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Snapdragon and Qualcomm Haven support the first hardware based security solution for WeChat payment services

Feb 18, 2016

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Not all fingerprint biometric solutions are created equal. While fingerprint sensors and their underlying technology have been around for some time, the actual security those solutions have provided has been questionable. And while malicious device attacks continue to increase, it’s more important than ever that precautions are being taken on the backend to make sure that device data, user privacy, and user fingerprint information in particular are not hacked.

This is why Qualcomm Technologies and Tencent have worked together to help users accessing WeChat payment services with their fingerprint on Qualcomm Snapdragon powered mobile devices can sleep more soundly, knowing that their data has the protection of Snapdragon hardware. Qualcomm Technologies is providing security for that sensitive data using its Qualcomm Haven authentication framework and by integrating Tencent’s SOTER (Standard Of auThentication with fingerprint) protocol. SOTER helps secure connection among connected online SOTER-enabled devices and includes fingerprint matching, processing, local storage, and communication to Tencent servers in the cloud.

The Qualcomm Haven platform’s authentication framework supports convenience, robust security, and the latest mobile payment standards. Users can now simply rely on their finger, face, or eye for account access and conducting online transactions using their mobile devices—all while being reassured that each step of the process is being executed with hardware-level security.

As with all Qualcomm Haven security solutions, the Qualcomm Haven authentication framework is based in hardware, engineered to protect sensitive user data and biometric information independent of apps or the operating system. Even in the event of an operating system-level attack, information stored in hardware is protected.

Additionally, the Qualcomm Haven security platform is developed specifically for Snapdragon processors. So Qualcomm Haven security solutions are fully integrated throughout the system, including both hardware and software, designed so that not only the security is robust, but that it is also operating as efficiently as possible, maximizing performance and battery life.

This robust biometrics solution is first available in the currently-shipping Snapdragon powered All Mode Vivo X6 device in China, and is expected to be available in multiple smartphones in various regions over the coming months. Secure biometric fingerprint authentication support for WeChat payment services is being made available in the Snapdragon 400, 600, and 800 processor tiers.

WeChat, a comprehensive portal application, which includes an array of services such as taxi hailing, doctor appointment booking, and even wealth management, expanded its service to include peer-to-peer money transfer and payment. And with over 650 million daily users, it is one of the most popular applications in the world. WeChat supports payment and money transfer, which allows their users to peer-to-peer transfer and electronic bill payment. In addition to China, the payment service is offered in Southeast Asia, Europe and North America.

Increasingly savvy and privacy-aware smartphone users are demanding devices that can deliver on rigorous security demands. With the Qualcomm Haven authentication framework and its implementation of the SOTER protocol, Qualcomm Technologies is helping to make sure that users of Snapdragon powered devices like the All Mode Vivo X6 can breathe easy when they decide to use their fingerprint instead of PIN codes and passwords.

At Mobile World Congress next week, Qualcomm Technologies will be demonstrating support for secure WeChat payment services on the Snapdragon powered All Mode Vivo X6 handset. Visit us in Hall 3, Stand 3E10.

Find out all about Qualcomm at MWC 2016, and follow @Qualcomm for MWC updates and more.

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