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Qualcomm’s Invisible Museum at CES 2016: More than meets the eye

Qualcomm contributes major building blocks to the Internet of Things, connectivity, cognitive technologies, and mobile experiences. But they can go largely unnoticed because so many of our inventions are invisible to the naked eye. At CES 2016, we’re debuting the Qualcomm Invisible Museum, an interactive experience showcasing all the ways that Qualcomm is part of your life, powering your devices, connecting your world and accelerating tech innovation.

Everything in the Qualcomm Invisible Museum, from the walls and floor to the objects, will be completely white, without branding or exhibits—but augmented reality (AR) will bring the space to life. Visitors will be invited to point a Sony Xperia Z4 tablet at one of the six pedestals to view Qualcomm® contributions to smart cities, Internet of Things, photography, robotics, mobile experiences, and more.

Intrigued? If you can’t attend CES 2016, we have good news: The Qualcomm Invisible Museum is going on tour throughout 2016, and you might have a chance see for yourself how we’re accelerating innovation. Check back to find out whether the interactive exhibit is heading your way.

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