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Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON: a personal assistant to manage your Wi-Fi network [video]

How many connected devices do you have on your home network? Five? Ten? Twenty-five? If you think that’s a lot, just wait.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to exponentially increase the number of devices sharing your home Wi-Fi network. And while a unified network supports multiple technologies and allows your devices to connect to one another, and swap data and information, it’s about to get even more crowded.

Qualcomm Atheros’ Wi-Fi SON (Self Organizing Network) will play the role of both assistant and administrator for your rapidly expanding Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi SON is the connectivity industry’s first comprehensive set of features and a framework that maximizes efficiency across Wi-Fi with minimal user effort.

From the broadband access point to the IoT devices, Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON makes adding new devices plug-and-play: It autonomously selects the best Wi-Fi link for each device based on application, band, and context, optimized for each device’s performance. The technology self-manages the network, ensuring that connected devices maintain optimal connectivity without having to battle for priority within a network. Wi-Fi SON also employs end-to-end content awareness, automatically matching each device to the appropriate bandwidth, whether it’s streaming 4K Ultra HD video or browsing the Web.

The self-healing part of Wi-Fi SON ensures that the connectivity bottlenecks are identified and corrected, even when using multi-hop connections.

And because multiple devices depend on the network, Wi-Fi SON enables self-defense from hackers and intruders. It also learns and adapts to user’s behavior, so any potential threat is identified and quarantined, keeping the network protected.

Wi-Fi SON is currently available across QCA 99xx and IPO40xx platforms and is ready for manufacturers to integrate in to their networking products, so prepare to pile on the devices.

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Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON is a product of Qualcomm Technologies Inc. 

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