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#Snapdragon820 launch: recap of our Twitter Q&A

Qualcomm Technologies debuted its newest processor: the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 earlier this week. After numerous demos that showcased the impressive abilities of the new chip, Qualcomm Vice President of Marketing Tim McDonough took over our @Qualcomm Twitter account to chat with tech fans during a live Twitter Q&A. Read on for some highlights.

Q: How soon do you expect to have the [Snapdragon 820] in a test device?

Tim: We already do, and that's what we're showing today in NYC. We also started shipping commercial Snapdragon 820 hardware.

Q: Is the CPU’s main purpose going to be mobile devices, or will we see it in [tablets] as well?

Tim: You’ll see the Snapdragon 820 in phones, tablets, and all kinds of devices—like cameras, cars, VR, and even drones.

Q: What phones are going to have the 820 chipset?

Tim: We can't let the cat out of the bag just yet, but we have more than 60 device wins to date.

Q: What about the [Qualcomm Snapdragon] Sense ID fingerprint solution? 2016?

Tim: Snapdragon SenseID will be available at the same time as the Snapdragon 820—but it’s up to the OEMs to include it.

Q: Why no one is talking about Zeroth in the Snapdragon 820? All are concentrating on speed and heating only.

Tim: Good question. This will be the first time we ship Zeroth, so stay tuned.

Q: How do you explain this? Snapdragon 820: high end, only 4 CPU cores.

Tim: They are different kinds of cores. We only needed four in the Snapdragon 820 to hit our performance and power reqs.

Q: How will Snapdragon 820 compete with the new Exynos and Kirin 950 CPU in 2016?

Tim: These will try to compete with the Snapdragon 820. But trying and doing are different, according to #Yoda.

Q: Why did you launch on Fallout Day?

Tim: Ha! We forgot to talk with them. Have a fun time gaming! And check out the Snapdragon 820 later.

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