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How different are LTE-U and LAA? [infographic]

I’m sure you have heard about LTE-U, Licensed-Assisted Access (LAA) and MulteFire, all part of the LTE Unlicensed family. They are set to bring enhanced mobile experiences to consumers by providing better wireless coverage, seamless mobility and increased capacity. All these technologies rely on unlicensed spectrum – the foundation for permission-less innovation in wireless, allowing many technologies, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to flourish.

But how will LTE-U, LAA and MulteFire coexist fairly with Wi-Fi? There has been intense debate in the industry, so we created this infographic to give you a simple overview. And watch out for a subsequent blog in which I’ll explain why coexistence principles look so similar for LTE-U and LAA, and also offer details on the LTE-U/LAA upgrade path.