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LG V10: the device for the creative adventurer

Oct 1, 2015

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The modern adventure doesn’t always take place on a snow-capped mountain or in an uncharted jungle—it can also take place in a bustling metropolis, filled with experiences and character left to be uncovered by the curious mind. Regardless of the surroundings, today’s adventurer is fitted with more than just a yearning for discovery—he or she brings a sense of creativity, enabled by technology, that looks to capture and share the experience of exploration.

And for that modern Magellan, the ideal multimedia device has arrived: the LG V10. Announced today by LG, the V10, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor with X10 LTE, supports 4K Ultra HD video capture and streaming, and is the first of its kind to boast an independent second screen, two front facing cameras, and a manual video mode.

Amid the bustle of everyday life is noise and disruption. The LG V10 is the first commercially available device fitted with the Qualcomm TruSignal antenna boost technology, engineered to give the device unprecedented call and network quality no matter how you hold the phone. So even out in the most congested urban setting, keeping in touch with friends and family doesn’t have to include finding an isolated side street so you can hear them. 

With a 5.7-inch screen housed in a durable, stainless steel encasing, the V10 has a vivid two-screen display with superior resolution. The V10 features an inset second screen that sits atop the main display and allows for app shortcuts and unobstructed notifications, making multitasking as seamless as possible. 

The LG V10 is equipped with the tools to ensure that every experience can be captured, enjoyed, and shared in stunning quality:

  • Two front cameras with a multi-wide view, so you can take wide-angle front photos (and leave the unwieldy selfie stick behind). With a multi-view mode, up to four angles can be captured at the same time, meaning explorers can be the videographers and directors of their journeys, as well.
  • Steady Record uses an electronic image stabilization solution by Qualcomm Technologies which is optimized for recording video to neutralize shake, helping to capture sharper video footage even when you’re on the move.
  • Audio Monitoring, supported by Fluence Pro noise cancellation technology, allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the three microphones more accurately during video recording and directly monitor and control audio inputs. This includes directional recording capability to select only the sound of a particular location for recording.
  • Assertive display technology, implemented in the Qualcomm Snapdragon Display Engine, is engineered to adapt to variable lighting conditions, and also contributes to increased power efficiency. By adapting to the environment, assertive display is designed to reduce the need for an intense backlight and can reduce backlight power usage by 30 to 50 percent.
  • With integrated X10 LTE, engineered with support for streaming availability of up to 450 Mbps over a lightning-fast LTE connection, the LG V10 helps turn exploration into experiences that can be shared with ease.

Additionally, today’s adventurers won’t have to constantly search for outlets to keep their devices charged. With Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology enabled, and a compatible charger, the V10 battery can charge up to 75% faster than devices without this fast-charging technology.

So whether it’s a day trip exploring the local fare, a weekend navigating a metro music festival, or a month-long stay in a new city, creative adventurers can make the most out of their experiences with the LG V10. Learn more at the LG web site.

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