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Qualcomm applauds today’s announcement that significant progress has been achieved by the 12 countries negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

The following is a statement from Qualcomm Senior Vice President Nate Tibbits on the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Ministerial Meeting in Maui, Hawaii.  

“Qualcomm applauds today’s announcement by trade ministers meeting in Maui that significant progress has been achieved by the 12 countries negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement.

Qualcomm’s business is global, and we appreciate USTR’s pursuit of groundbreaking rules that will make TPP the state-of-the-art trade agreement for the 21st Century, once completed. These include disciplines on e-commerce and other services that depend on advanced information technology networks, strong investment and intellectual property protections and enforcement, and greater regulatory transparency—all necessary elements to help the next innovations in mobile communications succeed.

Mobile is the fastest adopted technology and a vibrant element of the U.S. economy, employing more than one million Americans and generating over 3% of U.S. GDP. While mobile is driving opportunity here at home and around the world, the technology innovations in mobile are just beginning. Trade agreements like TPP will unleash new mobile technologies and consumer choice, create new jobs and market opportunities. Qualcomm looks forward to the global innovation gains yet to be realized.

We encourage all the TPP to continue to work to address outstanding issues and conclude negotiations at the earliest opportunity. We look forward to reviewing the final text when available and working to support domestic ratification by all the TPP governments.”