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Qualcomm’s affiliate, QGT, SMIC, Huawei, and imec create equity joint-venture company in China

A Qualcomm affiliated company has joined SMIC, China’s largest chip foundry, and others to create a new company that will focus on the development of next-generation semiconductor technology. 

The equity joint venture between Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp, Huawei; imec (a nanoelectronics research and development center), and Qualcomm Global Trading Pte. Ltd., an affiliate of Qualcomm Incorporated, was announced in Shanghai this week. It will be called the SMIC Advanced Technology Research & Development (Shanghai) Corp. It will focus on research and development for integrated circuits, including complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) logic. 

In its first phase, the joint-venture company plans to develop 14-nanometer CMOS technology for mass production, which will be based on imec's advanced semiconductor processing technology.

The goal of the project is to boost China’s semiconductor capabilities.     

This joint venture company “reinforces Qualcomm’s commitment to the continued growth of the vibrant semiconductor ecosystem in China,” said Derek Aberle, president of Qualcomm Incorporated. 

More information is available in the press release.