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DragonBoard 410c brings affordable prototyping to the Internet of Everything

The potential of a completely connected world has galvanized people’s imaginations. Every day we see new predictions about how the Internet of Everything (IoE) will streamline our lives and radically change how we interact with each other and our environment—and how we might use it to build a platform for the future.

When it comes to the business side of the IoE, though, some developers, innovators, and entrepreneurs looking to contribute have been discouraged by the lack of affordable technology. Without collaboration and the resources necessary to serve as the foundation for a scalable IoE solution, many of the great ideas they come up with fizzle out when faced with real-world financial considerations.

With the DragonBoard 410c, based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, a low-cost development board the size of a credit card, Qualcomm Technologies and Arrow Electronics aim to democratize the business of IoE so that big thinkers and innovators—whether tinkering in corporate labs or suburban garages—can turn their projects into venture-ready prototypes.

From kiosks in bustling bus stations to manufacturing plants buzzing with robots, Snapdragon processors are at the heart of a number of OEM-created products for the IoE. Now the power and efficiency of Snapdragon processors can be utilized at a much smaller scale with the DragonBoard 410c (the “c,” as a side note, stands for community), allowing developers to work on prototypes without having to drain their savings accounts. The board is designed to be compatible with Linaro’s 96Boards Consumer Edition specifications, providing an open platform targeted at software developers, the maker community, higher education, and embedded OEMs.

Moreover, these developers will have access to one of the greatest strengths of Snapdragon processors: optimization for mobile integration. Snapdragon processors have been integral in transforming hand-held devices from cell-and-text-machines to mobile computing powerhouses—a wealth of experience which has been particularly useful in furthering the robotics industry. The DragonBoard 410c has the same focus on mobile, allowing innovators and entrepreneurs to tackle IoE applications that execute on platforms found in nearly everyone’s pocket (smartphones, not robots. At least not yet).

Announced today, the board will be available from Arrow through their web site. Featured applications of the DragonBoard 410c will debut on June 18 at this year’s Maker Faire in Shenzhen, which is showcasing how the IoE community is turning the board into a bridge between robotics and smartphones. View feature highlights at the Qualcomm Developer Network site

For dreamers and developers, those great ideas no longer have to be shelved by the fear that IoE products are too capital- or resource-intensive. Just like its applications, the Internet of Everything can now be reached by everyone—from the largest OEM down to the smallest garage lab— giving developers the ability to realize their visions, and maybe even change the world.

DragonBoard 410c is a product of Arrow Electronics.

Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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