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A light bulb moment with LIFX

Apr 2, 2015

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LIFX today announced their latest smart lighting solution—the White 800.  Developed with Qualcomm Wi-Fi for IOE solutions from Qualcomm Atheros, Inc., at its core, White 800 bulbs will connect seamlessly to your existing home network, requiring neither an additional hub nor the expense that comes with it.  It offers rich warm to cool white lights all in one bulb.  The White 800 is also the first product marked “Designed for Allseen”, providing interoperability with a wide variety of other LIFX products and smart products from leading brands. 

The White 800 also represents a first commercial output of a deeply collaborative relationship that serves as a prime example of the all-in approach we are taking in enabling the Internet of Everything. 

As a refresher, at CES 2015, Qualcomm Atheros and LIFX announced a comprehensive smart lighting platform.  In essence, we brought to LIFX a connectivity solution that is purpose-built for the IOE—rich in features, low power, and highly integrated with interoperability protocols.  We then worked closely with LIFX for many months on the development of the Lighting Connectivity Module—the module at the heart of the White 800 and many coming products from LIFX and their customers (such as those named in January).

In tandem, the development team heavily leveraged the Allseen Alliance’s Lighting Service framework (LSF). The LSF enables the White 800 to interoperate with other connected devices, providing a way to discover and control lighting in an open, common way as well as providing third-party developers a platform to build applications. LIFX has also developed a full bulb reference design that other companies will sell under their own brand names with any additional services they wish to add. 

LIFX currently retails in the USA, Europe and Australia. Plans to enter the market in China were recently announced at Microsoft’s hardware conference, WinHEC Shenzhen.

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Jesse Burke

Staff Manager, Marketing