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Snapdragon 4K Video Contest winners announced

Last October we asked you to capture your vision using your 4K-capable smartphone powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. The world responded with beautiful scenes, immortalizing every detail in high-resolution, and last week we revealed a highlight reel of some of the amazing entries, and introduced you to our esteemed judges. They scored the top entries to determine the winners, and we’re excited to reveal them to you now.

Remember, for the best viewing experience, set the YouTube quality to 1440p (2K) or 2160p (4K). 

So without further ado, the awards go to...

Grand Prize ($25K prize): The Road Not Taken, by Jennings Barmore:

Runner-up ($10K): Onward, by Andrew Garcia:

Special category: Editing ($4K): A River, by Martin McCann:

Special category: Cinematography ($4K): Adventure, by David West:

Special category: Color ($4K): New York City - in 4K, by Nelson Leon:

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who shared their vision with us. Learn more about how Snapdragon processors are driving the 4K Ultra HD mobile revolution