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This is LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation, plain and simple [VIDEO]

LTE-A Carrier Aggregation. If you work in the mobile industry, you hear this term often, and it gets you thinking because it opens up new opportunities to offer really cool mobile data services. If you’re a typical consumer or casually follow tech, the term carrier aggregation might be a bit confusing.

I tell those not so close to the mobile industry that when they hear the term, don’t think of “carrier” as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc. Think of it as a “channel” or a highway lane. “Channel aggregation” makes sense—you’re simply combining channels or lanes to make the path wider and allow things/data to flow more efficiently. (Sorry, it’s too late to change the official term).

If you still don’t get it, watch this quick video that describes LTE-A Carrier Aggregation and its benefits.

And a more technical view...

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