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Join us in observing Data Privacy Day

Jan 28, 2015

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Today, Qualcomm re-affirms its commitment to responsible privacy practices by observing Data Privacy Day. As Qualcomm’s Senior Privacy Counsel, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some information about how Qualcomm (and its affiliates) work to foster consumer trust in the use of wireless technology, as well as some key elements of our progress in the past year. 

Strengthening product design through development collaboration

Privacy and security considerations are addressed and incorporated into Qualcomm® branded products and services early in the design stage. Privacy and security are not afterthoughts: they are central to the development process for our technologies. Our industry-leading team of security experts help incorporate security features in Qualcomm® products and services and also respond to any incidents that may take place. Check out this recent OnQ post—the first in a series launched last fall—for more information about our security practices.

Through our global privacy and security programs, our employees routinely identify, evaluate, and mitigate potential privacy and data security issues in our products and processes. We have also instituted privacy reviews of our human resources programs and other business processes to help ensure we continue to act as good stewards of our employees’ personal data.

People making a difference

Qualcomm maintains a privacy program overseen by a cross-departmental steering committee made up of engineers, product managers, IT professionals, attorneys, and others to ensure that we address privacy implications early on. Over the past year, we’ve increased the number of privacy trainings we offer to employees to improve awareness of potential privacy impacts, applicable laws and regulations, and Qualcomm’s own policies and best practices. We host our own internal website for privacy education and resources, maintain a blog to discuss privacy issues, and we regularly meet with relevant stakeholders. 

Reaching out to an interconnected world

Qualcomm is part of the interconnected web of technologies and services that make up the wireless ecosystem.  We support privacy and security organizations to help advance responsible security and privacy practices, such as the Center for Democracy and Technology, Future of Privacy Forum, International Association of Privacy Professionals, and the Centre for Information Policy Leadership.  We also lead and collaborate with various organizations to identify and manage cyber threats, including the San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. We participate in many national and international associations aligned to promote cybersecurity as well: the Information Systems Audit and Control Association and the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium are among them.

Respecting privacy is everyone’s responsibility. Our privacy and security professionals work closely with our colleagues inside Qualcomm and beyond our campus to make sure these considerations are a key component of the mobile ecosystem. It’s just one more reason why we join others around the globe on January 28 in celebrating Data Privacy Day each year.

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Scott Goss

Senior Privacy Counsel