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Introducing Spark 2.0

As we head into a new year, we’re excited to announce the relaunch of Qualcomm Spark. We have a new look and a new online home, but the same editorial mission: To cover the world of technological invention, and how those inventions elevate everyday life for people around the world.

Invention has always been core to who we are as a company, but it’s also core to who we are as humans. It requires energy, money, time, expertise, struggle; inventions have stories behind them.

Qualcomm Spark is a place where we can tell those stories. You’ll see reporting from us, as well as commissioned articles from smart inventors, thinkers, futurists, analysts, and journalists. We’ll give them free rein to share their thoughts. As such, the words we publish on Qualcomm Spark won’t always reflect the company’s views (and in fact, we’ll occasionally disagree with what’s posted here). That’s what makes for a good conversation.

Our hope is that Qualcomm Spark and the writers who contribute to it will inspire us, make us think, and teach us something new.