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Smart Home. Happy family. [VIDEO]

Jan 6, 2015

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Did you recall that trilogy of movies from the 80’s about a teenager who travels back and forth through time? Well the specific future that kid travels to is … you guessed it, 2015! While not everything the movie predicted has come true, it wasn’t that far off, especially in the parts that depict the home of the future.

Today, we are more connected than ever in our homes. Analysts tell us that each home, on average, has nine connected devices today, and they forecast we’ll have about 20 connected devices in each home by the year 2020 (Source: Machina Research 2014).

The Internet of Everything (IoE), where the connected devices, systems and people are interacting with each other, is becoming more tangible. Qualcomm, drawing deeply from our heritage of mobile innovation, is applying a mobile ecosystem model to help make the IoE possible. Whether you know it or not, Qualcomm technologies are likely enabling your daily life. Our mobile and networking technologies are embedded in billions of devices worldwide, and the while the impact is clearly felt throughout the mobile industry, those technologies are now spreading into adjacent markets like cars, cities, and the Smart Home.

In the same way Qualcomm helped define and enable the smartphone as a platform, we’re enabling the connected home into a “SmartHome” platform. A crucial element at the heart of the smart home platform is a smart gateway. The smart gateway is a necessary response to the trend we described earlier where the number of devices, with their complex data and network requirements, is shooting up to 20 per household.

The smart gateway supports the next generation of connected devices, systems, apps and things to deliver more enjoyable media and entertainment experiences; increased convenience and greater control of home automation products and services; high levels of physical and digital security; and home management data and analytics that deliver simple ways to manage local resources or diagnose issues.

What will this look like? This video shows a Day in the Life that is now possible with the innovations in the smart gateway—that’s right, many of the products featured in this video are commercially available!

If you’re not familiar with it, the smart gateway delivers a better connected home experience by combining a variety of Qualcomm technologies. Start with a powerful processor and fast Wi-Fi that can do some serious multitasking. Throw in the AllJoyn™ framework so different types of devices can discover and interact with one another. Then layer on apps to add intelligence and make a router more than just a router. It becomes the central hub—or heart—of your smart home.

It may seem odd initially to view your router in such a critical role. But an application like Qustodio FamilyGuard provides a perfect example. FamilyGuard is a new cloud-powered smart residential gateway solution that helps you protect, understand, and manage your family’s Internet activity centrally, from a simple, web-based dashboard, without needing to install any software. This parental control solution allows you to apply Qustodio’s web filtering, and set access and time limits for every device and every user account on your network to ensure each member of your family has the appropriate access.

While we can’t yet zoom into the clouds in our cars or grow a pizza in the oven in 15 seconds flat, we’re making homes smarter, connecting people and things, and creating better experiences with technologies ranging from processors and small cells to Qualcomm® VIVE™ 802.11ac wireless technology with MU-MIMO (which we call Qualcomm® MU | EFX), and the Qualcomm® Internet Processor.

Now … there’s always hope that even more of the cool products predicted by the entertainment industry may still come true. (I’d love a flying car and moving sidewalks!) Afterall, 2062 isn’t too far away.

Qualcomm VIVE and the Qualcomm Internet Processor are products of Qualcomm Atheros, Inc. The Qualcomm Smart Gateway concept includes products and/or services of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.


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Ingrid Kambe

Senior Manager