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Donate 15 minutes of your time today for the future of mobile education!

Join the conversation about the use of technology for learning through Speak Up, a National Research Project. Since 2003, over 3.5 million K-12 education stakeholders have participated in the annual online surveys. Data findings are shared each year with federal, state and local policymakers to inform education programs, policies and funding.

In my role as an education consultant for Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™, and the CEO of Project Tomorrow, the nation's leading educational nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that today’s students are well prepared to be tomorrow’s innovators, leaders and engaged citizens of the world,

I have seen how wireless technology is changing the landscape for mobile education and providing learning opportunities to children who might not have them otherwise.

By giving 15 minutes of your time to Speak Up America 2014, you can make sure your voice is heard loud and clear from classrooms to the halls of Congress, from state capitols to boardrooms.  Ensure that policymakers are making those important program and funding decisions based upon real data from real education stakeholders—you!   

We would like everyone to have a voice in the future of how technology is used in our nation’s schools. 

More than 285,000 K-12 students, parents, educators and members of the community have already completed Speak Up surveys, this year, from all across the country.  But now it is your time—Speak Up, America!  Have a voice in the future of digital learning in our nation’s schools by participating in this year’s special Speak Up America campaign.

To “Speak Up,” simply visit this link to take the Community Member survey by Dec. 19th!