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Get to know the Snapdragon 810 processor

Dec 2, 2014

Qualcomm products mentioned within this post are offered by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

As our lives have become more fast-paced, the need for reliable mobile devices has increased dramatically. Today’s mobile devices need to pack so much processing power and so many advanced features into a slimmer space every year.

Many of the flagship smartphones released next year are expected to be built around Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 processors which means they’ll include a variety of features designed to give you the most cutting-edge experience possible. We’re proud to be a part of the technology that makes it easier to stay productive while putting entertainment in the palm of your hand. Most importantly, it’s technology that helps you connect with people and enhances your everyday life. 

The Snapdragon 810 is the ultimate connected mobile computing processor with 64-bit computing, designed to support the most advanced mobile user experiences. 64 bit capable processing helps prepare you and your device for the upcoming wave of cutting-edge applications and new computing environments, designed to reinvent the way you multitask and keep up with the latest trends in smartphone computing. We’ve put together a list of a few of the features that really show off the power of the Snapdragon 810.

Connectivity in a flash

Integrated 4G LTE Advanced with Carrier Aggregation is built to provide fast network speeds so that you can rest easy knowing your valuable time isn’t wasted by slow-loading content. Live TV streaming, news updates, and music broadcast can avoid unnecessary buffering with a Cat 6 World Mode modem, designed to support data speeds of up to 300 mbps.

With integrated 802.11ad (also known as WiGig technology), you won’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for performance. Files can be quickly transferred between two WiGig enabled devices at up to 4Gbps which is particularly noteworthy for those who want to seamlessly stream high definition media content.

Entertainment on-the-go

Snapdragon 810 processors can enable your device to function as a mobile media center, capable of streaming your favorite movies and TV shows in full 4K Ultra HD. Movies are even enjoyable outdoors, in direct sunlight thanks to Assertive Display, designed to let you watch a movie clearly or play a game without strain on your battery. For those who prefer to share their screen on a larger display, Miracast is designed to let you wirelessly stream all the great content stored on your smartphone or tablet. It mirrors your device’s display on a television or projector in real time. Family movie night just got a whole lot easier. Surround sound with Dolby and DTS adds an immersive sound experience to the mix, making you feel as if you’ve been instantly transported to the theater.

Snapdragon 810 processors provide support for HEVC H.265 hardware decoding and encoding to stream higher quality video that takes up less space in your phone and uses less bandwidth, for increased power efficiency.

Powerful graphics

Armed with the Qualcomm® Adreno™  430 GPU, Snapdragon 810 processors aim to surpass your mobile gaming expectations. This sophisticated graphics processing unit supports complex and realistic gameplay, like 3D gaming, to bring your games to life, simultaneously rendering console-quality 3D graphics and performing data intensive computations without slowing down or wasting battery.

Battery anxiety proof

Snapdragon 810 processors are designed for power efficiency so your battery keeps going longer. And Qualcomm® Quick Charge 2.0 charges devices up to 75% faster compared to devices without Quick Charge 2.0 technology, so battery drain isn’t the worry it used to be. You’ll also spend less time plugged in at the wall with Qualcomm® WiPower™ technology designed to wirelessly charge multiple devices within a single area -- they don’t even need to be in direct contact with a charging pad.

Picture perfect memories

Capturing fleeting moments and memories are a vital part of why our smart devices are always at the ready. Every day, millions of photos and videos are shared across a range of social media platforms so we need image quality that helps us look our best. With Snapdragon 810 powered devices, you can expect nothing less than the very picture of quality, from the click of the shutter until your final cropping adjustments. Video capture is better than ever with 4K Ultra HD quality, filled with four times more detail than 1080p HD. Plus, electronic image stabilization minimizes that shaky cam effect in videos taken while moving or at night.

Crystal-clear audio

Voice calls should be crystal clear, and we’ve got you covered with Fluence™ PRO and Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, designed to eliminate background noise and improve voice intelligibility in loud environments. With Snapdragon Voice Activation you can start your device’s natural user interface, designed to respond solely to your voice, simply by saying “Hey Snapdragon” (or customize the voice cue to whatever you want).

Devices powered by Snapdragon 810 processors will be positioned to lead the way in making your life more mobile using the most accessible tool at your disposal, your smartphone. Learn more with our Snapdragon 810 processor product brief

note: availability of specific features within devices are dependent on OEM and carrier selection.

Qualcomm Adreno, Qualcomm Quick Charge, Qualcomm WiPower, and Fluence are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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