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Seamless voice and video calling with Qualcomm Gobi

During our recent Connectivity Workshop we presented a demonstration of Qualcomm® Gobi™ VoLTE to Wi-Fi/3G service continuity with a mid-call handoff from LTE to 3G, as well as a similar handoff from LTE to Wi-Fi during a video call.

This kind of device flexibility to adapt to changing network conditions is very important as multimode LTE networks continue to grow. The demonstration was performed with two prototype smartphones powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 processors with integrated Gobi modems. The phones were mirrored onto displays so that everybody could see the demo clearly. The SRVCC (single radio voice call continuity) based VoLTE to 3G handoff was practically imperceptible when the engineer made the switch as HD voice smoothly transitioned from LTE to 3G.

The delay was just a bit more noticeable on the video call handover to Wi-Fi, but it caught up quickly. Having this sort of adaptable multimode technology in every smartphone will help to evenly distribute network traffic so that everything runs more smoothly. This was just one of the many modem technologies that was demonstrated including WiGig and Carrier Aggregation. Seeing them work up close was a very exciting peek at what’s on the horizon for connectivity.