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VSN Mobil announces V.360º presale

It’s a great time to capture all 360 degrees of your accomplishments. VSN Mobil is offering a special deal, knocking $50 off the price of their V.360° HD camera kit if you pre-order between now and November 25.

The V.360º is a video camera capable of recording in 360 degrees simultaneously, creating seamless panoramic shots. All of this is powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 processor, capturing videos that are a remarkable 6,480 pixels wide. The V.360º won’t miss a single moment.

In addition to the camera itself, the V.360° HD camera kit includes a silicon sleeve protector and carrying pouch to protect your investment. It also comes with a remote, a rechargeable 2610 mAh Lithium Ion Battery and a surface mount, letting you set up the perfect angle.

Read our initial coverage, and, once you’re convinced, you can take advantage of the pre-order discount at VSN Mobil.