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Where does invention begin? [VIDEO]

Sep 29, 2014

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At Qualcomm, it starts with an idea. Sometimes it’s a very simple idea. A way of making an everyday task a bit easier, or maybe even a bit more fun. Some of these ideas will expand into inventions. Some will be massive undertakings, involving the expertise of thousands of people, but they all start simple. With an idea. A way of doing things better. 

We don’t just sit around hoping that these ideas will arrive. We invest in them. Billions of dollars each year are spent on research and development. And our investment in bringing these ideas to life have resulted in huge advancements in the field of mobile technology and beyond.

You’d be surprised at how much all of that investment affects your daily life. It’s very likely that you’re using a piece of Qualcomm® technology every single day, and may not even know it. Maybe it’s the built-in GPS that helps you get to work faster, or the heart-rate tracker that’s getting you closer to your six-minute mile. Maybe it’s the 4K screen that gives you a crystal clear view of your favorite show on your phone. Or maybe it’s just your phone’s camera, capable of taking the perfect sunset photo. 

But you may not realize that this is just the beginning. Ideas born out of Qualcomm will change the world as you know it for the better. Imagine your cell phone telling your coffee machine to start making a cup just before you wake up. Imagine vehicles knowing the location of nearby pedestrians, preventing potential accidents. Imagine robots that learn from their mistakes.

These inventions are not speculative. They’re not 50 years in the future. They’re already happening. They’re already around you, even if you don’t see them. And they’re already making life better for millions of people. Imagine what they could do for you. 

Each day, Qualcomm is pushing to make the world a more evolved, connected place. It’s a lofty goal, but it all starts very simply. With an idea.

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