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Standing on the edge of a new frontier for LTE Advanced [VIDEO]

Aug 19, 2014

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New frontiers represent uncharted territories with opportunities yet to be explored. If you are a history buff like me, this will remind you of a famous quote from John F. Kennedy from the 1960 Democratic National Convention, “We stand today on the edge of a New Frontier”, that inspired millions of Americans and the government to support his ambitions to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. And today, we stand on the edge of a New Frontier for LTE Advanced.

On the heels of the tremendous success of LTE, industry leaders have already gotten a head start in LTE’s next step—LTE Advanced. LTE Advanced is shaping up to be a pervasive technology that not only meets the ever-increasing demand for data—helping solve the 1000x challenge—but also extends into new frontiers, be it unlicensed spectrum, converging terrestrial and mobile broadcast, or enabling new applications/services such as LTE Direct and LTE for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. LTE Advanced, true to its name, packs an impressive collection of advanced features opening up opportunities to explore uncharted territories and transform new industries.

The above video highlights the first promise of LTE Advanced: the ability to provide you a more reliable and consistent broadband experience at blazing fast data rates. The first step toward fulfilling this promise—carrier aggregation—was launched in June 2013, powered by third-generation Qualcomm Gobi modems integrated into Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets, from Qualcomm Technologies (see “Carrier Aggregation: Can 1+1 > 2”).

And as the video goes on to showcase, carrier aggregation is evolving into more bands delivering data rates that we once thought inconceivable. In addition, LTE Advanced HetNet optimizations, such as “Range Expansion” made possible through advanced interference coordination and cancellation, will help make solving the 1000x data challenge a reality by ensuring capacity increases scale with the densification of small cells.

Not “advanced” enough for you? Let me introduce the New Frontiers of LTE Advance… 

As I covered in my recent blog, “Creating Your Digital 6th Sense with LTE Direct”, LTE Direct is an innovative device-to-device technology that will empower the next generation of mobile apps to create a Digital Sixth Sense through always-on awareness of friends, services, offers, and other relevant value in your proximity. As the video demonstrated, mobile apps using LTE Direct will enable users to be aware of what’s happening around them at all times, effortlessly and privately, changing how people socialize, get discounts and interact with people and things.  

And “You Know LTE/LTE Advanced... But How About in Unlicensed Spectrum?” As this recent blog summarized, we are extending LTE Advanced to unlicensed spectrum to allow operators to better utilize the unlicensed 5 GHz band through a unified LTE network offering higher network performance, as well as an enhanced user experience. And as the video showcased, LTE Advanced in unlicensed spectrum has been carefully designed to protect Wi-Fi, so both can co-exist harmoniously.

LTE Broadcast is also evolving and going beyond mobile. LTE Broadcast has commercially launched and is gaining global momentum. But, what opportunities exist for it beyond the well-understood venue casting use case? These uncharted opportunities will be explored in our upcoming webinar:  LTE Broadcast – Evolving and going beyond mobile.

Welcome to the New Frontiers of LTE Advanced!  At Qualcomm, we are at the forefront of LTE Advanced evolution, not only envisioning, but also inventing, developing and commercializing technologies that are expanding LTE Advanced into New Frontiers.  Qualcomm Technologies is one of the main contributors to LTE Advanced standards development and were among the first to prototype and demonstrate the benefits of LTE Direct, LTE Advanced in Unlicensed Spectrum, and LTE Broadcast. And this is only the beginning; with a long way to go on the evolution path of LTE Advanced. Stay tuned to future blogs from Prakash and me for more examples of LTE Advanced evolving and expanding into New Frontiers.

If you want to learn more, come see “Qualcomm's Take on 1000x, the Future of LTE Advanced, and 5G” on September 10th at Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas. In the meantime, check out our LTE Advanced website and our upcoming webinar on LTE Broadcast to learn more.

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