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Connect on the run, no phone required [UPDATE]

Aug 5, 2014

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Not everybody wants to run with their phones—they can be bulky and distracting. And absolutely no one should experience that sick feeling that comes when you hear your phone, which you thought was secure, crash onto the pavement or splash into the ocean when running on the beach—as I often do here in sunny San Diego.

But what if you could leave your phone at home AND still hear your awesome jogging music… and keep track of your mileage… and humblebrag about your PRs on Facebook and Twitter… and stay connected to people you really care about when you wanted to?

Late this afternoon, Timex unveiled exactly what we we’ve been looking for when it announced the world’s first connected GPS sports watch—the TIMEX® IRONMAN® ONE GPS+, featuring cutting-edge mobility, connectivity and display technologies from several Qualcomm companies.

Powered by Qualcomm and connected by the AT&T network, this new wearable fitness device allows fitness enthusiasts to get fit and stay connected, without having to take their smartphone with them. (Qualcomm usually doesn’t want you to leave your smartphone at home, but for this device we’re making an exception.) 

You can use the TIMEX® IRONMAN® ONE GPS+ to play music, receive and send messages, permit real-time run tracking to friends, and upload your workout data directly from the watch to fitness sites such as RunKeeper, Strava, and MapMyFitnesss. Thanks to the Qualcomm® Mirasol™ display you can see the screen in bright sunlight, and it is water resistant up to 50 meters for those that train rain or shine, or want to swim with the device.

The TIMEX® IRONMAN® ONE GPS+ will be available later this year. For more details, visit www.timex.com.

UPDATE: The TIMEX® IRONMAN® ONE GPS+ recently won awards from Outside Magazine and GearInstitute!


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