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Are you dragon braggin’?

dragon braggin': drag·on brag·gin / [drag-uhn brag-in]

verb, dragon brag, dragon bragged.

  1. to praise (often for long periods of time) the performance of your smartphone or tablet powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor: He dragon bragged endlessly about how he could download apps at record speeds while simultaneously playing graphics-intensive games.
  2. to boast of: She dragon bragged about her smartphone and tablet’s battery life lasting all day.

Origin: early 2010s – English, with global usage

Our dragon doesn’t like to brag, but he also doesn’t get to choose the people who sing his praises.

Though he appeared during the NBA playoffs, helped Santa deliver gifts, and is faster than the fastest trains, he is also often unsung, so when you hear people praise their smartphones or tablets, often it’s the Snapdragon processor behind the scenes that they are really excited about. In our new video, you’ll see just what we mean.

So, enjoy your Snapdragon processor powered smartphone – with all the corresponding speed, power, connectivity and battery life. Just remember that when you’re bragging about your phone’s performance, you’re really bragging about the dragon.