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Better Apps through Native Binaries

Do you want your apps and games to run smoother, faster, better? Then you should be developing native ARM® binaries.

It is no secret that most smartphones and tables run on the ARM instruction set, just like Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors. Whether it is our customized CPU cores in today’s Snapdragon 800 series or the standard ARM Cortex CPUs in Snapdragon 400 series, both execute the ARM instruction set. This joint white paper with ARM and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. shows that to take advantage of that large, mobile install base, most developers compile their apps for the Native ARM code. It also quantifies some performance benefits over other instruction sets and apps that require binary translation to x86.

Learn more about the benefits of the ARM ecosystem, Snapdragon processors, and the benefits of the upcoming ARMv8-A instruction set in the white paper, “ARM and Qualcomm: Enabling the next mobile revolution with the ARMv8-A architecture and integrated design.

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