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Creating your digital 6th sense with LTE Direct [VIDEO]

For when your five senses are not enough

Jul 23, 2014

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We all have had those serendipitous moments; the fortunate happenstance of running into a long-time friend…the pleasant surprise of an amazing offer at the store you happened to be walking by...the lucky discovery of a nearby event that you would have hated to miss…               

But what if this phenomenon of discovering value around us wasn’t left to luck?  What if we had a discovery engine continuously and passively working for us to make sure we never missed out on that chance encounter or once-in-a-lifetime offer?

Introducing LTE Direct; an innovative device-to-device technology that will empower the next generation of mobile apps to create a digital 6th sense through always-on awareness of friends, services, offers, and other relevant value in your proximity. Apps using LTE Direct will enable users to be aware of what’s happening around them at all times, effortlessly and privately, changing how people socialize, get discounts and interact with people and things. A digital 6th sense for when our five senses aren’t quite enough. 

So you might ask, what’s the big deal?  Proximity services are not new. Apps are already expanding the reach of mobile services today by using location-based technologies to search smarter (i.e., only search what’s nearby). And device-to-device technologies, like Bluetooth Low Energy, are being utilized in proximity beacons that provide retailers and venues a new way to engage customers with relevant, timely and personalized content to their mobile device. 

But truly empowering mobile apps to create your digital 6th sense requires always-on proximal discovery, which creates privacy, battery life, and scalability challenges for mobile app developers utilizing existing technologies. LTE Direct is an innovative device-to-device technology for proximal discovery that is required to scale up from today's existing location-based and proximity beacon solutions. It provides privacy sensitive and battery efficient discovery of 1000s of devices in ~500m proximity. This enhanced user experience empowers mobile apps to create a digital 6th sense by solving the always-on proximal discovery challenges.

LTE Direct leverages the global LTE standard as part of 3GPP release 12 expected to be complete later this year. It can be efficiently integrated with existing LTE Advanced services and networks to create big opportunities for the entire mobile industry across a wide range of applications and services. Implementation of the LTE Direct ecosystem has begun, with ongoing operator trials throughout 2014 and mobile app developers testing innovative use cases leveraging the trial LTE Direct Trial SDK by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

If you want to learn more, come see new use cases and demonstrations of LTE Direct at UplinqTM 2014, a conference for the mobile developer ecosystem hosted by Qualcomm, Sept. 18-19, in San Francisco. In the meantime, check out our LTE Direct website and our recent webinar to learn more.

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Matt Branda

Director, Technical Marketing