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About AllJoyn

Jun 26, 2014

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For some time we've been working on the AllJoyn™ open source project -- something we are really proud of as an enabling technology for an open Internet of Everything. It's been a long process getting from the original ideas to the current state of the code, one that has taken us from a small internal team to the Allseen Alliance where we are working with over 50 other companies to jointly evolve the technology under open governance.

As we've grown, we've had to introduce AllJoyn to a broader and broader audience. Some of these companies have worked with us before and some have not. Sometimes this can lead to ideas about why we are doing AllJoyn that are different than our actual intent. So we thought we'd say it here, simply and clearly.

What we want is for AllJoyn is to grow into a true open source platform, governed openly by a broad industry Alliance. This Alliance should include partners and competitors who together feel that the value of the ecosystem is something bigger than each member company. And for those concerned about our intent with intellectual property, it is not Qualcomm's intent to monetize, through a patent licensing program, our code contributions to the AllJoyn open source platform made in the Alliance.