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The race is on: Bringing connectivity to where you live, work and play.

It’s no surprise to anyone with a connected device that demand for network coverage is skyrocketing—and nowhere is it more apparent than large-scale events with huge attendance. Whether it was the "Big Game," the Winter Games, or any other major gathering, a stadium full of people puts an extremely heavy load on the network. Multiply all those texts, selfie uploads, or even video streaming by the tens of thousands attending, and the bandwidth quickly struggles to meet demand.

Enter small cells: little experts at adding network capacity and coverage.They help fill the gap on existing technologies and provide a great experience for the end user. And now, with our recent announcement of the FSM®90xx, that coverage will not just be for popular public areas and enterprises, but it will be in small businesses and neighborhoods too. So the connectivity stays even after fans leave the match. No matter where device users live, work, or play, deploying small cells will help keep their data flowing quickly.

And those big, crowded sports venues? You bet we’re there, using our UltraSON™ technology to help users humblebrag their current whereabouts in a flash. In fact, we just exhibited the smoking speeds of deploying small cells in such a demanding environment at the Sprint Cup NASCAR race in Phoenix. Just imagine, if small cells can keep users connected in one of the toughest environments at super-fast rates, future events could easily see the same benefits. (Say, isn’t there a big soccer/football tournament going on in South America?)


FSM90xx is a product of Qualcomm Atheros, Inc. UltraSON is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.