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How does Qualcomm work?

Jun 6, 2014

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Chances are you have some of our inventions in your pocket or purse. If you’ve shopped for a smartphone in the past five years or so, chances are you’ve heard about Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, or maybe even Qualcomm Gobi modems. But that only scratches the surface of Qualcomm’s role in the wider wireless industry.


We’re more than just a mobile chipset company. We’re an invention company. Every year, we invest a big chunk of what we make back into engineering the technologies that we believe are the future of mobile. If you add up our investment up over our 28 years in business, it totals about $28 billion.

That’s led to things such as the 3G and 4G technology that is the basis for most modern cellphone networks, multi-mode cellular modems, and phones with built-in GPS. And there are more amazing things to come. Today we’re establishing communication frameworks for the rapidly-expanding Internet of Everything, expanding the ways and places we can use our mobile devices with Snapdragon processors and Gobi modems, and much more.

Research is something anyone can get behind. (Without it, today’s science fiction will always remain just that.) And some tech companies have found success in turning their mobile inventions into proprietary products.

But Qualcomm does things a little differently. We operate on behalf of the rest of the industry. We develop our technologies with the aim of making them available to anyone who wants to build something. Once a company becomes a licensee, they apply their own great ideas on top of our technology to create all kinds of different—and awesome—products.

That allows companies big and small to turn the essential elements Qualcomm provides (including wireless connectivity, processing power and other features) into truly great devices and services.

Research, by definition, is risky. Like most things in life, not everything we develop is a home run. But that’s OK. We believe that taking chances is the only way to drive an industry forward. And we’re still here inventing the next big thing in mobile. 

At the heart of our business is the belief that the more companies that have access to world-leading mobile technology, the more everyone benefits. We can’t wait to see what the industry and the ecosystem will do next.

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