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Qualcomm RF360 Envelope Tracking - Visualized at MWC 2014 [VIDEO]

One of the first choices you have to make when designing a smartphone is choosing what part of the world you will launch it in. If the smartphone won’t connect to the cellular network in that region, what good is it? 

The world would be a lot easier for designers if all countries used the same LTE band and frequency. But they don’t. 

To help our OEM partners overcome this LTE band fragmentation, Qualcomm Technologies introduced an innovative RF front-end solution called Qualcomm RF360. This RF solution can enable global LTE roaming and improved radio performance while occupying a small enough board area to be used in the sleekest devices.

As you know, we have already launched Envelope tracker (QFE1100) and Antenna matching tuner (QFE1510) on commercial devices, and we just announced at MWC the launch of our multimode, multiband CMOS power amplifiers.

We’re also shining the spotlight on the performance of RF360 through live demonstrations of envelope tracking and antenna matching tuner at MWC. In case you weren’t able to attend the show, you can still visualize the “cool” benefits of envelope tracking in the video below.

View our press release for more information on the latest on Qualcomm RF360.