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AllJoyn Wins Best Open Source Project Award

Feb 10, 2014

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The last time I blogged, I asked for your vote for AllJoyn™ in Postscapes’ Internet of Things Awards. Thank you so much for your support:  AllJoyn won the People’s Choice Award for 2013 as Best Open Source Project! We are thrilled about this award because the team supporting AllJoyn at Qualcomm believes that only with an open, secure and universal framework for discovery and communication, will the Internet of Everything (IoE) actually work, grow and become part of the mainstream. If our devices cannot connect across products, platforms and OSs, the promise of IoE will not happen. 

The AllSeen Alliance, which hosts the AllJoyn open source project, released a press announcement on the IoT award earlier this week.

CES 2014 in Las Vegas had countless IoE products on display, and Qualcomm had the Connected SmartHome on display to demonstrate the promise of IoE—when appliances and devices are connected with Wi-Fi or cellular technology and given the power to interact with each other through a common software framework like AllJoyn. We will be out again in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress from February 24-27 to continue showcasing the Qualcomm Connected SmartHome and demonstrating the potential opportunities that the Internet of Everything can bring for carriers and operators. Blogs and tweets will be coming from the Qualcomm booth in Barcelona, so follow us @AllJoyn and @AllseenAlliance! Until then, thank you again for taking the time to vote for AllJoyn in the Postscapes IoT Awards.