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Nice curves ahead with the LG G Flex

Feb 7, 2014

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LG introduced the LG G Flex as the world’s first curved, flexible smartphone with the question: if your hands and your face are curved, why isn’t your smartphone? Featuring a beautifully bendable 6-inch display, the LG G Flex was designed with a curve along its length to more comfortably fit in the palm of your hand and to the shape of your face.

The curved shape also promises enhanced acoustics, including voice and sound quality. The display can still be made to sit flat on a surface, though it’s intended to remain curved for the optimal experience. In addition to a dynamic form factor, the LG G Flex also boasts a “self-healing” back cover with a coating that reduces the effects of daily wear.

Like its big brother and fan favorite, the LG G2, the LG Flex is powered by a cutting-edge Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 processor, designed for incredibly fast performance and superior battery life. It also features rear controls for power and volume as well as several popular LG features such as Face Detection technology, KnockON, Slide Aside, Qslide, Dual Window, a camera timer and an urgent call alert system.

Now that the world’s first curved phone is here, do you see you send a bend in your future?