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Vote for AllJoyn

In my last blog of 2013, I wrote about the formation of the AllSeen Alliance Another Major Step toward a Truly Interoperable Internet of Everything. It was formed with the goal of driving adoption of connected devices through a universal framework based off of the AllJoyn™ open source project. Since then, AllJoyn and the AllSeen Alliance have been nominated in the 3rd Annual #IoT Awards held by Postscapes.com.

Postscapes.com is an online resource for much of what is going on within the Internet of Things world. Postscapes.com’s mission is “to aggregate and connect the ideas, people and companies creating the Internet of Things” postscapes.com. It is a great place to start when learning about the Internet of Things, as Postscapes.com reviews and writes about a vast array of connected products, initiatives and trends. For three years, Postcapes.com has held an award contest to “showcase the year’s best #IoT products and companies.” This is the first time that AllJoyn has been nominated for the award.

Help AllJoyn and the AllSeen Alliance win by voting at http://postscapes.com/internet-of-things-award/project/alljoyn/. It's easy to do (just click on the "heart" on the page, no email signup), and be sure to vote by January 30, 2014. Voting is open to anyone, so spread the word to vote and about AllJoyn and the AllSeen Alliance.