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Snapdragon Automotive Solutions put a new kind of car on the road

Jan 15, 2014

Qualcomm products mentioned within this post are offered by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

Snapdragon Automotive Solutions 602A

From facial recognition that adjusts seats, mirrors and radio stations based on the independently identified driver, to multiple blind spot and rearview cameras that stitch together a 180-degree image, the possibilities of what your car may be able to do and how it connects with the world and mobile devices in and around it are amazing.

Newly announced at CES 2014, one huge development is Snapdragon™ Automotive Solutions from Qualcomm® Technologies, Inc. which includes the automotive grade Snapdragon 602A processor and chipset family. The Snapdragon 602A processor integrates technology to enable an entire digital ecosystem in an automobile. From smartphone to tablet to infotainment to touchscreens and voice activation, the Snapdragon 602A processors are engineered to enable a whole new genre of driving experiences. This includes Qualcomm Gobi™ modems that are already providing advanced telematics, like OnStar, for over 10 million vehicles and Qualcomm VIVE™ technology for high-performance connectivity between multiple devices and integration with the car’s infotainment system. Qualcomm Technologies has also developed an automotive-optimized version of Android and a ton of automotive software that makes smart use of those technologies to bring new applications to the automobile.

What are the possibilities for vehicles equipped with a Snapdragon Automotive Solutions? Here are just a few future-facing features that could come as automakers look to use Snapdragon Automotive Solutions in upcoming vehicles:

  • In-car Wi-Fi hot spots for connectivity on the road
  • Up to 3 touch screens that can deliver independent content like games and movies for fewer backseat battles during long (or short) trips
  • Streaming movies, music and more to any of those screens
  • Advanced navigation that doesn’t rely on your smartphone
  • Bluetooth integration so all your devices can connect to your car
  • Through Miracast™ screen sharing, your car and your mobile devices become a seamless ecosystem and can share audio
  • Automatic crash notification and advanced car diagnostics
  • Sophisticated, flexible display-based instrumentation

Does this sound like what your dream car would be able to do? What else would you like to see possible in cars? 

Find out more about the chipset that drives a 3,000-pound mobile device, and watch a video with demos of some of the possibilities. 

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Nattida Samanukorn

Staff Writer, Snapdragon Blog