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Top 5 reasons the mobile processor matters on Cyber Monday

Dec 2, 2013

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Qualcomm Snapdragon processors at the heart of devices you love

We know to expect some spectacular deals on Cyber Monday, the internet’s answer to the shopping frenzy of Black Friday. But what should you look for when it comes to having the right processor in the smartphones and tablets you’re shopping for?

Here, the top five reasons your mobile processor matters on Cyber Monday.

  1. Battery Life

If your device’s battery doesn’t last very long, it could end up spending too much time tethered to a charger or as a very expensive paperweight. This is why it’s important to make sure your device’s processor is designed to run efficiently. Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors feature an integrated design with custom power management technologies that are made to extend the device’s battery life and make each charge last longer.

2. Speed & Performance

When it comes to doing a lot of things quickly on your mobile phone and tablet, the processor is key. This tiny component inside all cellphones and tablets plays a huge part in how quickly your apps, web pages, games and more are able to both load and do what you want them to—and how many different things you can do at once. Snapdragon processors are designed for maximum efficiency with the core components integrated into one, so you get jaw-dropping speed and performance to do more of what you love to do.

3. Graphics

If you’re a big gamer, make sure you know what kind of graphics processing unit (GPU) your device is running on. Your GPU is key in creating immersive, rich gaming experiences on your mobile device that doesn’t drain your battery. Snapdragon processors have a custom GPU built in that’s designed to serve up incredible clarity and console-quality gaming—and use your battery more efficiently.

4. Memories & Media

The processor in your phone and tablet plays a huge role in how clearly and quickly you’re able to capture memories, listen to music and watch your favorite movies and shows. In advanced Snapdragon processors, your smartphone has video recording and still-camera capabilities designed to rival professional cameras including zero shutter lag, face detection, and advanced post-processing features like object removal and cloning. They also feature superior video and audio technologies designed to make your voice calls clearer and stream music and video on the go as it was meant to be experienced.

5. Connectivity

Whether you’re trying to tap into WiFi or 4G LTE, the ability of your device to successfully connect to and make the most of a network is tied to the processor. With many Snapdragon processors, the modem is built in to enable seamless connection and switching between the best available networks in your location. And with Snapdragon 800 processors, that can include lightning fast 4G LTE networks that are up to 10x faster than 3G.

Now that you know how a Snapdragon processor inside your device can make a big difference, be sure check out our full lineup of Snapdragon powered smartphones and tablets before you start shopping this Cyber Monday. And check out the specific capabilities of each processor tier with our processor comparison chart.

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Nattida Samanukorn

Staff Writer, Snapdragon Blog