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Hands on with the HTC One mini

Nov 21, 2013

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Shrinking the jaw-dropping 4.7-inch display of the HTC One down to 4.3 inches makes for a whole new smartphone experience - one that’s better suited for both small hands and skinny jeans. While the HTC One mini is reduced in size, it doesn’t lose a single step in flash or functionality on its broader-screened brother. It retains all the vigor and value by baking in a powerful processor, vibrant display, beautiful software, awe-inspiring camera, and booty-shaking sound.

Check out the HTC One mini’s smooth, aluminum body and ultimately settle in on the super-bright screen. Then, dive right into it.  User-friendly features make this one of the most easy-to-operate phones available.  Forget juggling multiple screens and opening multiple apps to get a gateway into your world – BlinkFeed delivers all your social feeds, news, messages, and missed calls in one central spot, streamed live directly to your home screen. By actively refreshing your feeds, BlinkFeed leaves manual reloads right where they belong: the past.

The HTC One mini streams your music and videos just as smoothly as your news, feeding off the power of a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 processor designed to enable running heavy graphics or demanding apps: or even both of them simultaneously.

And if you’re the type who tends to tackle more than one task at a time, you’ll take to the HTC One mini’s multitasking-optimized shortcuts. Dual-screen display puts your work a glance away while you watch a video, empowering you to plow through all the projects on your plate.

Nothing helps you get things done quite like a good song. But the tinny, audio tinkling out of some smartphone speakers often leaves listeners less than inspired.  The HTC One mini, like its larger brother, attacks small-sound-syndrome with BoomSound technology powered by Beats Audio. If music is in fact what kicks your ambition into motion, rely on the rich, full sound bursting out of the dual front-facing speakers on the HTC One mini to bring that extra boost to your table.

For more visually inclined, the HTC One mini contains an 8 MP camera in its slender body. Use HTC Ultrapixel technology to capture beautifully balanced images in stunning, crisp resolution. Take advantage of Zoe mode to snap 20 shots in a single prolonged tap, weeding out the blinks and blurs that plague photographers. Experiment with Zoe mode further and you’ll find a whole range of options designed to add a professional edge to your images – from in-phone editing features helping you remove photobombers to slow motion playback, helping you glean every last ounce of glee from your cat’s latest acrobatic feat.

More than a reduction of a successful smartphone, the HTC One mini is a new option for multitaskers, audiophiles, media lovers, and smartphone photographers.  If you need to lighten up your pocket without dumbing down your tech, the mini has you covered.

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Matthew O'Connell

Guest Blogger