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TIME Poll: A World That Loves Invention and Protecting IP

Qualcomm is an inventing company, in an age of invention and based in a great inventing country.

We draw that conclusion from a world-wide poll on the topic of invention conducted for TIME Magazine in cooperation with Qualcomm, a survey that found more than 84 percent of global consumers believe this digital era is the most inventive in history. More than a third of the 10,000 people surveyed in 17 countries said they consider themselves to be inventors, according to the poll. And digital technology is broadly felt to be at the heart of modern innovation with more than 70 percent of respondents saying the cellphone is the most important invention used today.

Consequently, a vast majority of consumers want stronger protection for inventors’ rights to own their ideas. Nearly 85 percent of global business decision makers said they want stronger intellectual property protection. And patents in particularoverwhelmingly believed to promote creativityare considered crucial for the invention process, especially in the developing world.

“I think a country needs to have in place policies and support systems for inventive people and have a good way of rewarding invention,” a respondent in Kenya said. “I think there are a lot of inventive people in Kenya, but they get frustrated.”

And as TIME reported, “when respondents were asked which of the 17 countries in the poll did the best job of protecting intellectual rights, the U.S. won in a landslide.”

View a summary of the results here, and the full results here. And click here to see TIME’s article on Invention.