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Get this game: Anomaly Korea

Anomaly Korea

In this month’s “Get This Game” mobile gaming installment we’re serving up 11 Bit Studio’s tower offense game, Anomaly Korea, the sequel to last month’s critically acclaimed featured game, Anomaly Warzone Earth. In Anomaly Korea, months have passed since the defeat of alien invaders in Tokyo–and have returned with a vengeance. With a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ integrated GPU built in and serving up the visuals in this revenge-seeking thrill ride, you’ll feast your eyes on impressive graphics while attacking the alien towers.

The sequel’s gameplay falls in line with the original, flipping the tower defense genre on its head and positioning you and your team as the invaders. As Commander, you lead an all-out insurgence against the alien enemies across 12 different missions to break into alien-infested districts with a top-down perspective and tactile touch controls to assemble your squad and plan your route with new tactical maps. The sequel also features intense battles, a plot-twisting storyline, new combat units, new player powers and an even more adrenaline-pumping race to build new battlefields against the alien masses.

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Anomaly Korea

Check out the trailer then download the game, available for Android and Blackberry. You can also find other games optimized for playing on your smartphone with the heart of a Snapdragon mobile processor in our Game Finder.