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A Quick Check Up on 2net Mobile

Sep 9, 2013

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One of the more intriguing things announced announcements at Uplinq 2013 was Qualcomm Life's launch of 2Net Mobile, a software module that enables mobile computing devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to serve as gateways to the cloud-based 2net Platform.

Like the original 2net, the mobile version of the company’s mHealth platform is designed to bring together medical data and health sensor info from a variety of sources and deliver it onto your Android mobile device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

While the original 2net Hub is perfect for home-based devices such as weight scales and blood pressure monitors, 2net Mobile enables users to easily see and send their data while they are on the go to their doctors, who may need to rapidly access and monitor the user’s health status.

Inside the Uplinq Mobile Innovations Showcase, we had the opportunity to try it out by attaching a couple of biometric sensors to our unsuspecting intern. First the blood pressure test: 132/94. Just seconds after appearing on the BP monitor, it appeared on the mobile device. (Judging by that reading, our intern was a little stressed or nervous.)

Then came the pulse oximeter which reads your pulse and O2 saturation. Again, the readings showed up in just seconds on our demonstration mobile device. (For O2 saturation, the higher the number the better—good news for the intern!)

Up next was the glucose test. Unfortunately, when the intern found out we needed to draw blood, he quickly excused himself.

All kidding aside, Qualcomm Life takes privacy and security seriously—meeting all HIPAA security requirements.

2net Mobile is one of the first solutions to enable seamless aggregation of clinical data from a comprehensive list of medical device sensors into one unified stream across multiple mobile phones and tablets. 2net Mobile is unique in its ability to connect an open ecosystem of biometric sensors through an open ecosystem of mobile devices. The 2net Mobile Core is FDA-listed as MDDS (Medical Device and Data Systems) Class 1, Class I MDD and CE Registered in Europe and Class I in Canada.

Along with 2net Mobile, the 2net Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) is now available to developers who intend to commercialize 2net-managed services through their applications.

Learn more about 2net Mobile here.


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Anthony Eng

Senior Marketing Mgr., Qualcomm Technologies