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Hands On: Qualcomm Goes All In with AllPlay

At Uplinq 2013, Dr. Paul Jacobs announced the launch of Qualcomm's media-streaming platform, AllPlay. Built atop AllJoyn, Qualcomm’s open software framework for connecting proximal devices, AllPlay allows you to wirelessly stream music from mobile apps to multiple AllPlay-enabled speakers in your home.

We bee-lined it to the Uplinq Mobile Innovations Showcase to check out the AllPlay Chill Zone, which allowed us to try AllPlay with our own phones.

It was pretty easy: We joined the AllPlay network, which would theoretically be your home network, and tapped the “Chill with AllPlay” tab from the Uplinq app. (Later this year, Rhapsody is expected to release an update to their app that will feature AllPlay. The AllJoyn SDK will also be updated so that any developer can incorporate AllPlay into their app too.)

Then we selected music from our phone…

and chose one of four speakers—labeled blue, green, red, yellow—which represent various rooms, to play it on.

Bada-bing bada boom—our music was coming out of our selected speaker! 

We could also add or delete speakers to play from. After the yellow speaker, we “moved” our music to the green speaker.

Very cool. Imagine, you could play music on the patio and kitchen, then move it to the dining room and bedroom, then the living room and kitchen, then all the rooms. You could even control the volume in specific rooms… all from your smartphone!

Learn more about AllPlay here.