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How to get football on your phone

The NFL season is upon us, and if you are unhealthily obsessed with football like I am (you probably don't want to follow me on Twitter during Redskins games), you want to have constant access. Like me, you probably plan your entire schedule around when football is on TV. Still, there are times where something takes you off your couch – it's unfortunate, but it does happen. Your two options in this situation are to A) record the game on your DVR, then avoid the Internet and all contact with other humans who may talk about football, and hope you don't get the result spoiled, or B) get football on your phone.

You may have seen the Manning brothers rap/sing/dress funny to promote DirecTV's NFL coverage (Eli has the look of someone who didn't win the NFC East last year – because, you know, the Redskins did), but there are other options. So, here is a helpful guide to how to watch football on your Android OS mobile devices.

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