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Take Notice – Are You Near a Qualcomm LTE modem?

Aug 23, 2013

Qualcomm products mentioned within this post are offered by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

Whether it is your smartphone, your tablet, your router or your car, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. is helping connect devices with its Qualcomm Gobi™ modems and Qualcomm Snapdragon™ processors which feature integrated modems, in many places around you. The irony is that just like we take the oxygen in the air we breathe for granted, we rarely pause to think about the modems that power our various connected experiences. But let me make an important distinction hereunlike oxygen, which is the same everywhere and can be easily found almost everywhere, not all modems are the same.

25+ Years of Modem Expertise

So what is special about Qualcomm Technologies? To start with, Qualcomm Technologies is a mobile native. More than 25 years ago, Qualcomm Incorporated was involved with the introduction of certain mobile phone core cellular technologies (such as CDMA) that helped drive the cellular evolution from 2G to 3G technology and also helped lay the foundation for supporting wireless data on mobile devices. Qualcomm Technologies then helped usher in the era of mobile broadband by integrating 3G wireless with its mobile processors, which helped transform our lifestyles by helping to enable Internet access to our smartphones and other devices such as laptops/notebooks, tablets and routers. Qualcomm Technologies’ and Qualcomm Incorporated’s forward-looking R&D and standards contributions also helped with the successful development of the LTE standard, which is now the basis for 4G worldwide. By being one of the first to commercialize an integrated multimode 4G/LTE modem on its advanced mobile platform—the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor—Qualcomm Technologies is truly helping to enable some of the compelling smartphone experiences and global broadband access for mobile users.

3rd Generation LTE Modem

And what makes Qualcomm Technologies’ modems unique? To put Qualcomm Technologies technology leadership into perspective, Qualcomm Technologies has already launched its 3rd generation of multimode LTE modems featured in Snapdragon 800 processors on devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced and LG G2, while certain competitors are still working on commercializing their 1st generation LTE solutions. This multi-generational LTE solution by Qualcomm Technologies is designed to enable cutting-edge features in mobile devices while being highly optimized for performance and power. Qualcomm Technologies’ modems support all major cellular modes (2G, 3G, and 4G) and various industry-supported LTE voice modes. Qualcomm Technologies is also one of the first in the industry to enable the next generation of LTE (i.e., LTE Advanced with carrier aggregation that is designed to help allow doubling of user data rates), as well as one of the first to make LTE and LTE Advanced technology widely accessible by bringing it to the high volume smartphone segment with Snapdragon 400 processors.

Worldwide Compatibility

In addition, Qualcomm Technologies’ rich mobile heritage, expertise in system level integration, and unique understanding of the wireless ecosystem allows Qualcomm Technologies to help foresee and address some of the biggest upcoming challenges in mobile. With Qualcomm RF360™, the innovative RF front-end solution, Qualcomm Technologies is one of the first to address band fragmentation in LTE and help enable a single global LTE device that will work across nearly 40 frequency bands deployed worldwide. This is designed to bring economies of scale to LTE just like quad-band did for GSM and penta-band for UMTS. With relentless innovation on various aspects of mobile from modems, processors, and power management to RF, Qualcomm Technologies is well positioned to grow its multi-generational LTE modem solutions even further.

Finally, for those who subscribe to the quote “In God we trust, all others must bring data,” as of March 2013, Qualcomm Technologies had more than 700 OEM LTE designs based on its chips, with more than 300 of those accepted by carriers and deployed globally across 18 LTE frequency bands, as well as 400 designs in the pipeline. Consider this while keeping in mind that there are less than a thousand LTE devices launched around the world so far and you will soon realize that you are closer to a Qualcomm Technologies’ LTE modem than you might have thought!

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Kanu Chadha

Senior Manager, Technical Marketing