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The A,B,C’s (and beyond) of back-to-school apps

Aug 19, 2013

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From fresh pencils to new shoes, the beginning of the school year can be an exciting but stressful time for students. We've put together a list of some fun apps that are designed to make easing back into student mode an easy A.

A: Alarms

If you're notorious for sleeping through your alarm or pressing the snooze button a couple too many times, Alarm Clock Xtreme by AVG Labs for Android is for you, no matter how hard you hit the pillow. Set it to wake you up slowly in variable snooze durations or set it to make you solve a math problem to turn it off.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

B: Books

If you're looking to lighten your book load, eTextbooks by CourseSmart for Android is an app that lets you access Textbooks and other reading materials on and offline. You can then add, edit and sync up notes and highlights while you read, so you're prepared when it comes time to study. And, when you're scrambling to fill out that lengthy study guide, use keyword searches to review topics and find definitions. Start by signing up online for free, then download the app for access anytime, anywhere.


C: Class Schedule

Keeping your new class schedule at your fingertips is a snap with Studious, by Braden Young for Android. You can enter your class schedule, meetings and extra-curricular activities, and it will automatically silence your device during your set class times and remind you of upcoming homework and tests.


D: Google Drive

When your computer is running out of gas, or you just don't feel like lugging that heavy thing around, rely on the convenience of the Google Drive app available from Google Inc. for Android. This app allows you to do all you could with Google Drive on your computer. Access your files, photos, documents and videos right from your phone or tablet.

Google Drive

E: Easy Reading

Being studious and up-to-date is incredibly fun with Flipboard for Android. Part news board, part social platform, this awesome app lets you pick desired topics for viewing in a magazine layout. When you see something you like, just add it to your own "magazine" by clicking on the + next to the article. You can also sync your Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook accounts to your feed for an all-in-one news source.


F: Flashcards

If you're waiting for class to start, or commuting home on the bus, take advantage of this free time by using STUDYBLUE Flashcards for Android. Set up your StudyBlue account online and create notecards, add classes and study past and present users' notecards. Other cool features include adding pictures to help you remember terms, tracking your study progress and learning the material in different ways (i.e. multiple choice, fill in the blank).


G: Good Grades

Droid Scan by Trans-code Design allows you to use your phone’s camera as a scanner for notes, pictures and whiteboards so you can quickly borrow a friend’s notebook, or have them take a picture of the board for you, so your grades don’t suffer when you’re suffering from a cold (or from pressing snooze too many times). 

Droid Scan

Which app do you find most helpful?

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