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Get this game: EPOCH

Jul 31, 2013

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The best way to describe my reaction to this cover-based shooter from Uppercut Games is that I was blown away. With its original control scheme and impressive graphics, designed for high performance by its Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile processor, I found myself lost for hours in the immersive gameplay and stunning visual performance that never once had me wishing for my controller.

EPOCH for Android Uppercut Games mobile gaming

In EPOCH for Android you play as a “lone wolf” robot that is traversing a post-apocalyptic world that looks similar to what I imagine ours would if the machines won in the movie Terminator. While controlling our hero you will have to tap into your inner gaming guru because this battle system requires skill, timing, and strategy to master. This battle sequences will have you jumping from cover to cover Gears of War style to avoid the bombardment of enemy fire. With this hectic fast-paced fight for survival, you have to ignore your every urge to ogle the jaw-dropping graphics to prevent yourself from being utterly decimated.

EPOCH mobile gaming Uppercut

With the combined power of the Unreal Engine and the Snapdragon processor, EPOCH is raising the bar for gameplay and graphic quality in the mobile app department. This title is perfect for anyone who enjoys shooter games and wants to see a great example of a nearly flawless translation to the portable touch screen aspect of the gaming world. Although there is still a fair bit of repetition as far as gameplay diversity, for those who dive into and really explore the customization features this becomes more of an opportunity rather than a downside. All in all this is a great investment for mobile action gamers who want to explore their device’s potential in all aspects.

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