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Ask Me Anything About Qualcomm. Really, ANYTHING.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d ask grown-ups anything? There was no hesitation, no fear of being laughed at or scolded—you just asked.

With the assistance of Tom's Hardware, Qualcomm wants to give you that freedom again. On Wednesday, July 17th, Tom’s Hardware will be hosting its third Ask Me Anything session. 

For 24 hours, beginning at noon Eastern on the 17th, a special forum will be unlocked and, so long as you are a registered user, you will be able to ask anything about Qualcomm. Responding to your questions will be Vice President of Global Marketing, Dan Novak and Senior Directors of Marketing Peter Carson and Michelle Leyden Li.

Questions will be moderated and supervised by Tom’s Community Manager (at last check, Tom’s is a family friendly site), Joe Pishgar, and a full team of senior moderators. 

Learn more here.