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Get this game: BlastPoints

Jun 20, 2013

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In this series, we'll bring you a hand-picked game that comes to life on your Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor powered smartphone. With the Snapdragon integrated GPU and a Snapdragon processor designed to enable longer battery life, we'll have you having more fun with your smartphone in no time. You can also find more free games in our Snapdragon Game Finder.

This June, lovers of addictive arcade style shooter should get ready to spend some time with the newest 3D space shooter game from Pub Games.

In BlastPoints you’ll pilot your fighter craft to battle across the depths of space, exploring new worlds and defeating the army of killer drones commanded by AI.  Monotonous and repetitive gameplay is going to be the last of your worries with this game’s multiple and increasingly more challenging game modes. As you complete a diversity of game types, you will begin to collect credits to customize your craft and level up your profile. With over 34 million possible weapon configurations, the possibilities for this game are seemingly endless  


Using the award-winning Unreal Engine 3, landscapes are stunning, enemies are detailed and explosions are gripping. There's also a ton of variety in the gameplay with a diverse range of enemies, each with unique abilities and strengths, fourteen mission types and nine unique environments from derelict spaceships to inhospitable planet surfaces.


Check out the trailer and then download the game for free, for iOS.

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