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Father's Day: 10 Gifts for a Tech-Centric Dad

No man has everything. Get your dad something awesome.

Jun 10, 2013

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A can of tennis balls

A subscription to Road & Track

Live Maine lobster

The latest smartphone

Do you see the connection? They cover the range of pursuits males typically enjoy: sports, cars, food and gadgets. And they are all Father’s Day gifts, some of which I’ve even given my dad over the years.

So if you’re looking for some new ideas for Dad, here are some tech-infused gifts that will warm his grumpy old heart:

1. Tickets to Super Bowl L in 2016 – The NFL selected Levi’s Stadium as the location for the 50th edition of this gridiron finale. The yet-to-be-built stadium is figured to be the first cashless, ticketless venue in NFL championship history—dad will be able to pay for everything with his smartphone! Plus, there will be Wi-Fi capability for 75,000 people. 

2. Smartphone – A lot has changed since your dad’s “start of the art” smartphone was introduced two years ago. If he’s ready to make the leap forward, check his interest the next time he sees a Samsung Galaxy S4commercial—that might be your hint. 

3. LED TV – I remember my first-flat panel LCD TV—it was an astounding 37” inches and cost $3,000. Now, a family can chip in and get an LED TV that’s half the price and features a 50% larger screen, not to mention better display quality, more HDMI inputs and built-in Wi-Fi. 

4. Radar golf balls – The sooner we admit we’re no Tiger or Rory, the more enjoyable our golf rounds will be—and the more RadarGolf balls and the RadarGolf system make sense. Manufactured with a tiny embedded microchip, these USGA-conforming, high-quality balls are traceable with a handheld detector. That means fewer lost balls, faster rounds and more time for dad to hang out at the clubhouse, reminiscing about his best round ever. 

5. PlayStation 4 – This digital escape mechanism has not yet hit the market, but if dad does not mind an IOU, PS4 combined with Gran Turismo 6 is a great gift for dads who dig cars. 

6. Tablet computer – If your dad is the last guy on earth without a tablet computer, consider yourself lucky, because now you can snag a Dell XPS 10 for a screaming deal. The best equipped models offer 64GB of storage, 4G LTE connectivity (via AT&T in the U.S.), GPS, and a hardware keyboard dock.

7. Action cam – When asking dads around the Spark office what they’d most like, we found the action cam, or more specifically, the GoPro Hero3, came up repeatedly. We’ve covered the GoPro glowingly a couple times already, most recently at CES. If your dad is not a natural thrill-seeking, adrenalin junky, don’t worry, any father can lead a life less ordinary with an action cam—check this out (scroll down).

8. Turbo blender – No longer for the Betty Crocker types only, the blender has become a critical tool to making masterful drinks (those to be enjoyed by adults). One of the most amazing blenders we’ve seen out there is the Blendtec Wildside. Blendtec took the time to design its blender right, from its height and airflow direction to motor balance and modern touchpad. After Dad finishes off his next weekend chore, he can finish off one of these.

9. Auto rescue tool – If your dad lives in an area near large bodies of water, say California, Florida or New York (and likes survivalist-type gadgets), you might want to get him one of these to keep in his car—and hope he never has to use it. It has a spring-loaded window punch, an LED flashlight, a serrated blade and a hooked cutter that will shred a seatbelt.

10. Power driver – Guys love power tools and once they have kids they’ll find themselves doing many more DIY projects at home—a great excuse to get more tools! One of the coolest looking screw drivers we’ve seen is WORX SD SemiAutomatic Driver—it really is like bringing a gun to a knife fight.

To all you “big daddies” out there: Relax, be proud of the children you’re raising, and enjoy your day. Happy Father’s Day!

Qualcomm companies provide components for Samsung, Dell and GoPro, and Qualcomm has an equity stake in Sharp.

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