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9 ways to stretch your battery to the max

May 7, 2013

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We all love our smartphones, and rely on them for a lot of daily tasks.  But we’re all left with the same frustration when they run out of power in the middle of an important call or while watching a video. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to extend the life of your battery. Here are nine of the best:

Adjust Your Settings

  • Dim your screen to the lowest comfortable level. Exact levels will be different for every person and every circumstance, but keeping this in mind when you need a little extra battery life can make a big difference.
  • Set syncing to the widest intervals that you can live with. Common settings for email accounts and active applications tell your phone to check in every 15 or 30 minutes or to sync continuously and send “push” notifications. The latter means that your phone is constantly checking up on multiple applications, which sucks up a lot of power. 
  • Disable your WiFi, Data, or Bluetooth capabilities. Some phones’ default settings have all of these enabled, but you usually only use one or two of them. Take note of which are the most appropriate for you and disable the others in your settings menu until you need them. Alternatively, you can disable this setting in certain applications, like weather apps, which are constantly accessing your data connection. That way you can maintain access, but limit the amount of power you’re using, and avoid blowing through your data cap.
  • Turn off the Vibrate Feature. Vibrating uses extra energy that may not be necessary. Reducing the volume on your ringtone also saves a little bit of power.

Form Healthy Battery Habits

  • Keep your battery clean. Check the connections every once in a while and give them a wipe. Dirt, grease, and moisture can cause corrosion at the point where your battery connects to your phone. Damaged or dirty connections can inhibit your battery’s ability to send power to your phone, and cause energy to be lost during the transfer. If you can’t access the battery on your phone, you can often bring it back to the point of sale and get a complimentary check-up and cleaning. Many retailers are very receptive to this type of request.
  • Try not to recharge your battery until it’s as low as you’re willing to go. And when you do recharge, give your battery a full burst before unplugging it. Batteries are designed for a certain number of discharges/recharges, so this will help enhance the efficiency and extend the life of your battery. 
  • Avoid hot batteries. Keep your battery cool by resting your phone on the table instead of in your pocket or hands. Try not to leave it in the car or out in the sun. High temperatures wear down a battery quickly.

Let an App do the Work

  • Download a battery performance app, or system optimizer. Perhaps the quickest, easiest way to manage your power usage is to have an application do the work for you. Getting an app designed specifically to monitor and conserve energy usage will help you increase battery life with minimal effort. One way it will save power is by making sure unused applications are closed down, not running in the background consuming battery life. Phones that run on Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors can use the BatteryGuru App, developed by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and available in your phone’s app store.

Start off with the Right Processor

  • Buy a smartphone equipped with a power-efficient, all-in-one processor. The all-in-one processor brings your phone’s most essential components together on one chip, including the Graphics Processing Unit, Central Processing Unit, LTE, and modem. By reducing the distance between these key components, the all-in-one processor helps them communicate more efficiently.

    Qualcomm Snapdragon processors integrate all of those essential components. They are designed to enable the most advanced phones available to handle heavy demands all day and keep on powering up throughout the night. The all-in-one design speeds up games, videos, web surfing, emails, and more without sacrificing battery life.

    You’ll find a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor inside the Samsung GALAXY S4, Nokia Lumia, LG Optimus G, HTC One, and many more of today’s hottest devices. Find a Snapdragon powered smartphone and more details on how the Qualcomm Snapdragon all-in-one processor maximizes both power and performance.

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